A tale as old as time.

We are Saa'i Timepieces, a luxury brand that combines traditional Arabic art in a modern timepiece. The word Saa'i originates from the Arabic word ساعة, which means hour or time-keeper. We are continuously being inspired by all things beautiful. Lines, shapes, texture and colour have all been delicately balanced to bring you something that is truly fascinating.

That is what our designers aim to do; bring you something that captures time through design. Each timepiece has its distinct design influence which gives a purposeful and bold expression on your wrist.

We believe that the quality of materials and parts are key to the experience of Saa'i as a brand. As a result, you can be reassured that each timepiece has been made from the finest materials to enable us to bring you a crafted product. Something that will suit the discerning character of its owner.



Truly Timeless.

Our first creation, "Al-Awwal", can be translated as "The First" in Arabic. Al-Awwal has been inspired by art from the 14th century in the ottoman period. The twelve pointed star interconnects with many others which evokes a strong foundation built upon delicate balances.

Fitting for the purpose, our first timepiece encompasses everything that will come from Saa'i in the future. Strong expressions that have been designed with one thing in mind, time.

Time to give back.


Saa'i timepieces are an ethically diverse and aware company that acknowledges the value in working together. We source our materials from sustainable factories where workers are paid and treated fairly. We believe that happier workers leads to better quality products and happier customers.

You are doing your part too! By purchasing a timepiece from Saa'i, we give 5% of your order total automatically to a charity fund. At the moment we are helping to build wells around the globe to help eradicate the water crisis. With your help, we will be able to provide people with a basic necessity that many of us take for granted.