Time is of the essence


They say that this is the era of the job-juggling millennial. We have come so far from the traditional single career-path mindset. We are no longer restricted to conventionally accepted careers and the capacity to earn money has been opened wide up for the taking. So many people that I know work multiple jobs in multiple fields and it is incredible. 

We have freelance workers who work from home, dealing with different projects and deadlines. We have students, working through internships, part-time jobs whilst simultaneously trying to keep their grades up. Then there are newly minted adults, like some of us at Saa’i Timepieces, who are trying to keep a steady job while also running a business or two. It’s sufficient to say that everyone is always running out of time.

If only we could have Bernard’s watch to freeze the moment and take a breath.


All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.
— Baltasar Gracian

Personally, I’m huge on checklists to ensure productivity, I will have a daily list of things that need to be done and look forward to that satisfying tick when I have achieved my goals. It’s also useful to add onto the list the little things that pop up during the day. If you took up an extra errand, add it on and tick it off – don’t downplay your efforts. Getting through the day can be hard enough.

Timekeeping is becoming more and more important. One useful tip I found while working on projects was to ensure that I was giving myself little breaks now and again. I would set my watch down and work for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break so that I didn’t entirely burn out.

There are apps like Focus Keeper and Pomodoro, which do this for you too. I really try and use my watch to keep track of time instead of my phone, which is hard as I'm pretty much glued to it. But we all know that the smart phone can be so distracting, I find that using my watch is easier and helps me stay focused.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “hustle”, chasing that extra challenge, that we don’t acknowledge our limits.

The most important aspect of this lifestyle is the much-needed self-care that we are all guilty of neglecting at some point in our lives. Although our achievements are important, someday we want to look back and remember actually enjoying them. Mental health is just as important as physical health so give yourself a break.

Remember to do one thing a day which is just for you. Whether it is to pencil in time with a friend, read a book, hug a pet or just simply treat yourself to something pretty, (maybe a little something to ensure that you can check the time in style hint hint).

But in all seriousness, we have nothing but time, so remember to take advantage of it.


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