The art of being on time

Good time-keeping for some of us is pretty much a myth. If you’re Desi, you’ll know that no-one ever expects you to turn up at the time specified. The event will most likely start half an hour to an hour later than you’ve been told at a minimum.

But sadly this rule does not apply to the real world – they expect you to be on time *gasps*. If you turn up to an event an hour late, chances are you will have missed it. And your friends will not be impressed with your bad timing.

It’s an unfortunate truth that we have to face – the world does not run on Desi timing.

So here are some ways to ensure that you never run late again.

1. Change the clocks

I changed the time in my car to be 15 mins early, so every time I look at it and think damn I have to be somewhere and I’m running late - I’m actually running early. Clever I know.

 You could do this with other clocks, but it would get kind of confusing so I wouldn't really recommend it.

2.       Change the time in your mind

Kind of like the above but do it mentally – unDesify your timing. If someone tells you that you have to leave at 10 am, think and act as if you have to leave at half 9 am. That way you will make it in time for the real time.

This takes some practice but it is possible.

3.       Wake up earlier

See, if you wake up earlier, you will have more time and won’t have to rush. It's really that simple. But it’s hard, especially in this winter cold so I won’t blame you if you ignore this point.

4.       Be ready

As soon as you wake up, get ready. I tend to laze around and only get ready when I need to go somewhere. But this way you can get ready, laze around and be prepared for when you do need to, unfortunately, see other humans.

5.       Plan

Plan out your days.

If you know you have a ton to do the next day, allocate time for your projects and errands, give yourself deadlines. It’s natural to procrastinate so put aside time for breaks too.

6.       Set reminders


If you are anything like me you’ll agree to plans and then immediately forget, which leaves you rushing everywhere. So make use of that smartphone and set reminders so that you always know what is going on.

And voila - you will never be late again!

To be honest with you, these are all simple steps and you could put them into practice as of tomorrow if you wanted. But it’s all about that willpower. One thing is for sure – life is better when you aren’t rushing around so much.


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