Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016

Over a week on from our launch event and we're looking out at the skies of this cold and gloomy Wednesday, reminiscing about the spectacular event that was, the Muslim Lifestyle Expo.

Months of planning went into preparing for our two-day showcase, with everything being designed and planned in-house, right down to the golden globe that we had perched on our showcase unit (which was a hit amongst a number of our customers).

We had an overwhelming response from both new customers and the press, whom all contributed to an incredibly successful launch weekend.

Saa’i Timepieces design some really elegant watches with a twist of Islamic art within then. They were so elegant in fact, being a watch fan I had to grab one myself, the 8th one ever to be sold in fact

We’d like to give a special thank you to the planners and organisers of the Muslim Lifestyle Expo 2016, for giving us the opportunity to exhibit at their show. 

A special thank you is needed to our neighbours and fellow exhibitors. Despite it being our first time meeting each other, there was a real family-like buzz throughout the weekend, whilst we collaborated, shared ideas and resources and constantly checked up on one another.

Finally we'd like to thank all our visitors, whom provided the praise and criticism we need to allow us to grow into the customer-orientated brand that we aspire to be.

We are due to launch our Al-Awwal collection of timepieces this Friday (11th November) at midnight. Currently, in the run up to our launch, we are showcasing all 8 variations of our timepieces on social media, along with our inspiration which derives from Arabic art. Additionally, over the next couple of weeks, we will be introducing our brand; Saa’i Timepieces to you, telling you about our inspirations, our values and our future. Keep your eyes peeled as we blog to keep you in the loop.

Remember, if you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Saa’i Timepiece last weekend, please share a photo on social media and tag us, as we’d love to see them showcased by our fabulous customers in the real world.

Follow us on Instagram @saaitimepieces and Facebook (and soon Twitter) to be a part of this exciting journey.


Mohammad Mutvalli