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Arabic Watches - Beautifully Crafted Timepieces


The perfect valentine's gift

Be part of the next Saa'i design concept. Experience our design consultation workshop to take advantage of unmissable perks. See below for details.


Attend our design consultation workshop to explore the latest concepts and designs by Saa'i.

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Perks include - 50% off all items, a chance to win a watch & complimentary lunch. Experience Saa'i and be part of the next design concepts.

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Saa'i seal of quality.

Al-Awwal, the first collection by Saa'i Timepieces is a symbol of what is to come from Saa'i. Each watch has been crafted from the best materials and manufactured to a standard that exceeds your expectations. It is because of this, each Saa'i Timepiece comes with a 2 year warranty as standard. Click here, for further information.


Tale as old as time.

Saa'i, a beautifully crafted timepiece, brings intricate designs inspired by Arabic art forms. Traditional design encompassed in a contemporary shell, it truly is a unique time-teller.

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Chronicles - Have a read

Chronicles is a collection of articles that bring together all the experiences that make up Saa'i.  Whether its a travel diary, or a thought-provoking concept, you will find your inspirational read here! Take a look for yourself

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